Our Solutions

Edge Device Firmware

Let us develop optimized firmware for your embedded edge device. We have expertise in real-time Linux on heterogeneous multicore processors – including ARM, DSP, FPGA, and GPU hardware acceleration.

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Streaming Analytics & Machine Learning

Leverage our expertise in real-time machine learning, deep learning, and vision analytics to bring your cognitive product concept to market.

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Enterprise Integration

We can assist your team with architecting and deploying distributed analytics in a scalable and extensible edge-to-enterprise environment.

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About Edgespace

Edgespace is focused on real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge of the network.

We provide developers, OEMs, and integrators a solution that integrates compute and storage into the edge devices that define today’s production and distribution environment.  Our approach transforms raw data into insights and rules-based action, right at the point of collection – speeding response, improving decision quality, and enhancing efficiency.

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Who We Serve

Smart Industry

Optimize equipment use and lower costs using predictive analytics for condition-based maintenance. Enable autonomous vehicle and machine behavior using sensors and location-aware IoT edge devices.

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Smart Cities

Improve the management of urban flows and allow for rapid response as challenges arise. Predict infrastructure usage and respond in real time to dynamic events using localized intelligence.

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Smart Supply Chain

Improve traceability and provide advanced analytics for forecasting and operational planning. Implement real-time transaction security in transportation, warehousing and distribution.

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