Enterprise Integration

Edge-Driven Enterprise Architecture

Edge-driven data applications require an enterprise architecture that is scalable and extensible.  Multiple data streams and cognitive services must be effectively converged to drive predictive intelligence.  Streaming data is often buffered in a publish-subscribe messaging platform with storage persistence, then archived into a relational or NoSQL database for further analytics processing and consumption by application services,  mobile services, event processing, and presentation services.

Developing a Real-Time Analytics Architecture

We can assist your team with architecting and deploying distributed analytics in an edge-to-enterprise environment. This includes the analysis of existing business structure and processes, PaaS and IaaS assessment and options, and implementation planning to address the goals of enterprise architecture — effectiveness, efficiency, agility, and durability.

Enterprise Architecture Services and Expertise:

Requirements elicitation and analysis

Integrated data warehouse architecture, design and development

Master data management and data conformance

Data modeling

Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,  and Microsoft Data Lake platforms

Azure Blob storage, NoSQL and persistent publish-subscribe message buses

Talk to our Enterprise Architects

We can support your data science team with new product development, or with adding real-time analytics scalability to your existing architecture.   Contact us to discuss your requirements and product vision!