Streaming Analytics & Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building using methods from statistics and linear algebra.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a method that builds models using layered neural networks.  AI is particularly useful for problems such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision making.

In the past few years, applications for machine learning and AI have exploded.  This is driven by the availability of powerful tools and remarkable innovations in computer science, along with ubiquitous, massive computational power from clustered servers and hardware-acceleration technologies such as GPUs.

Streaming Analytics

Edge devices generate vast amounts of in-motion data called event streams.  These individual device streams converge to even larger aggregate volumes in the cloud. A streaming analytics platform can process millions and tens of millions of events per second – enabling the analysis of this data as it becomes available, providing much faster decision making than possible with traditional data analytics technologies.  Streaming analytics methods enable machine learning and AI to operate in real time.

Developing an Edge-to-Cloud Architecture

The advent of powerful edge devices such as IoT gateways and on-premise servers enable a distributed-processing model to be implemented for streaming analytics. Data is pre-processed on the edge device and then streamed to the cloud for correlation with other streams and context data.

At Edgespace, we specialize in developing and implementing these distributed stream-processing architectures.  We’re experts in feature identification, machine learning, neural networks, and embedded vision.

Edge-Streaming Expertise:

TensorFlow deployment

Hardware-accelerated processing libraries such as OpenCV

Machine-learning deployment frameworks such as PMML

Extensive expertise on Intel and NVIDIA platforms


Enterprise-Streaming Expertise:

Azure Stream Analytics & Machine Learning Lab

Apache Spark and Kafka

Industry-leading frameworks such as H20, SCI-Kit Learn, and TensorFlow

Talk to our Data Scientists

We can support your data science team by architecting and instantiating edge-to-cloud streaming analytics software based on machine learning and AI methods.   Contact us to discuss your application and product concept!